March 2021 — We are not accepting new Virtual Appointments at this time. Please check in with us soon to book an appointment. Thank you for visiting!



A Virtual Appointment is a custom, digital Feathered Brow™ experience by eyebrow specialist Kristie Streicher. With each appointment, you will receive detailed eyebrow tweezing and trimming instructions from Kristie via email, along with product recommendations and tips on how to use them. Prior to accepting Virtual Appointments, Kristie insists on 6-8 weeks of natural brow outgrowth. This means absolutely NO TWEEZING, WAXING, THREADING, or TRIMMING of any kind during that time.

A series of Virtual Appointments is recommended to attain the Feathered Brow™. The first appointment ($100) is the most comprehensive and is tailored to your individual needs. For exceptional brow cultivation and maintenance, Kristie recommends follow-up Virtual Appointments every 6-8 weeks, without any tweezing or brow maintenance in between. Follow-up Virtual Appointments are also $100 each. The process can take 6-18 months depending on the speed / abundance of hair growth, amount of hair, length of time you have been tweezing / waxing / threading, and whether you have used growth stimulators (e.g. M2 Brow Serum, Grande Brow, etc.).


Through email correspondence, receive detailed eyebrow tweezing and trimming
instructions from Kristie.

Custom guided grooming tips and instructions on how to properly fill in your eyebrows.

Personalized product recommendations to use for best results
during the grow-out phase.



Once you have purchased your Feathered Brow™, you will receive an email with a unique login to submit your current brow photos and complete a new client questionnaire. After you complete this process and submit all of your information, Kristie will be in touch within 7-10 days with your custom guided grooming tips.

As an aid to customizing your Feathered Brow™, the natural photos you are asked to submit should precede any eyebrow treatments. This can help serve as a realistic guide for brow cultivation. If you do not have one, send a "brow goals" photo. Please refer to Kristie's Instagram feed for brow growth inspiration images. All photos must be in color, in-focus and please avoid the use of filters. Photos cannot exceed 10mb per file.

*Please note that the more in-focus, higher resolution the photo, the more detailed the instruction.


To reserve your place in Kristie's queue, please complete your new client form upon purchase.

Kristie cannot begin your Virtual Appointment until your questionnaire and photos have been submitted.

Please allow 7 to 10 days for Kristie to be in touch after you have (1) purchased your Virtual Appointment and (2) submitted your brow photos and questionnaire.