Kristie Streicher's Aforé Oil, named Aforé for its much lauded "pre-tweezing" benefits, is a soothing and nourishing potion of organic Moroccan Argan Oil and essential, therapeutic oils for relaxing the skin prior to brow sculpting. Like Kristie’s famous Feathered Brow, this special oil in the little amber glass bottle helped change the way the beauty world sees, and relaxes, beautiful brows.

Aforé Oil is light, aromatic and very close to your skin’s natural sebum. The potion absorbs quickly and leaves skin healthy and glowing without irritating or clogging pores. A lovely, relaxing solution, Aforé may also help decrease tension and uplift the spirit.

Relax your eyes for a beautiful brow.


“The secret behind painless tweezing was in a small amber glass bottle...”